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7 tips to sell your virginity and not be cheated

If you are 18 or 21 years old, depending on the country of your residence, and you want to sell your virginity, then it will be useful for you to read some tips on how to protect yourself and not be deceived. The tips are given by those girls who have already done this.

  • During online communication, do not hesitate to ask for sending some real photos of a person. If you are already planning something serious, then you can chat via video and look at a person first, before going to get acquainted in person.
  • Be sure to make an appointment in a crowded place, in a cafe or a restaurant. There you can be calm, have a good time, chat and do notbe worry about anything.
  • If you have a flight to another country, you could immediately ask your companion to buy you roundtrip tickets and also book a good hotel. Do not be afraid to contact the hotel and confirm your reservation. This will protect you from various force major circumstances and the breakdown of acquaintance, and also allow you to get back safely.
  • During communication, always pay attention to the attitude towards you. It should always be respectful. If during online chatting a person swears, calls names, or somehow tries to humiliate you, it is better to stop communication. It should immediately alert you. Wealthy people are always educated and intelligent, and never do not allow themselves undue familiarity in communicationand in life in general.
  • You better not send your hot andintimate photos. You can send photographs of you in underwear or a swimsuit, it is okay. To show your body, you can dress up beautifully and record a video with a model walk.
  • Be honest, do not try to take advantage of a person’s trust and do not try to deceive him. If you want to sell your virginity profitably, you do not need unnecessary problems. If you havehad a hymenoplastyit does not mean that you are a virgin again. Medical examination will determine this. By making a deal honestly, you will get much more. You will have a good wealthy acquaintance and friendship with him, which may be useful in the future.
  • Choose countries for acquaintance and meeting where such deals arelegal, not prohibited.

To summarize:

You must be strictly over 18 or 21 years old, depending on your country. Be careful in communication. Do not be afraid to ask for real photos or communicate via video connection. Make your first acquaintance only in public places. Choose your country carefully for your first meeting. During the flight, ask for a roundtrip ticket for you and booking a hotel for all planned days of travel. Pay attention to inappropriate behavior during communication. You should enjoy chatting with people. Do not send intimate photos. Most importantly, do not try to cheat men.