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    Dear everyone, I am on here because I want someone to take care of me for my first time. I’m very shy in person and a bit insecure about my body and doing it for the first time with someone like a boyfriend sounds scary. I’d rather it be with someone who knows what they’re doing. There isn’t much to say about myself besides that I like gaming and drawing is one of my passions. I am currently in a long distance relationship and I would like to see him, but I don’t have the money and to me it’s a very touchy subject, so he doesn’t know I’m still a virgin. If the right guy comes along I could see a relationship blossoming from this. I’m a very laid back girl. Easy to make happy.
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    Dating is a 50/50. I have very strict parents and going out much isn’t easy, but maybe if I found a nice guy, that can change.
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