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$200K mutually beneficial relationship

  • a day ago
  • Profile publication is paid
Budget: from 200000$
  • Meeting point

    Russia, Moscow

  • Name


  • Location

    Russia, Moscow

  • Age


  • Languages

    Chinese, English, Russian

  • Can go to

    Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Brunei, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, France

About Rostov

I need a cute adult pretty girl with no drama for a mutual beneficial relationship for 7 days. The pay is $200K. Also, my first offer is still on

Privileged descendant of Russian oil lords. An aristocrat who's here for nothing serious but to make a world record of highest auctioned virginity ever purchased . I know, sounds weird. We all have our own fantasies though... no matter how unorthodox they may seem. The girl of my own choosing should come from a third world country. Apart from fulfilling my fantasies, I'm also here to share my privilege with a penurious girl born from a third world country with limited opportunities. If she's from Africa, the better. Who knows, I might even double my rate.

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