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5 tips for buying virginity from a girl

If you are a wealthy man and you have a desire to get new emotions and buy virginity from a beautiful girl, then you will be interested to read some tips from men who have already done this on how to protect yourself and not be deceived.

  • Do some checkups with your doctor. Preliminary: during remote communication, arrange with a private clinic in her city about such a check. So that the girl could easily go there and provide you with a certificate from there that she is a virgin. Run a second check with your personal doctor, after a real acquaintance with a girl. This will give you the maximum guarantee.
  • If, after checking with the doctor, you still have doubts about the girls, then you can ask her to get a polygraph test. You can ask questions such as: “have you ever had relations ?”, “Does she do it voluntarily?” etc. This method is the surest test, it is also able to identify all the pros and cons of your acquaintance.
  • Never send a prepayment to a girl. Always pay for everything you need. If the girl has a flight, then buy her return tickets, and also book her a hotel for the entire planned stay. This will protect you from various unpleasant surprises and a breakdown in dating, as well as let the girl know about your serious intentions. After all, the site administration is not responsible for users.
  • Do not embarrass the girl and do not ask for nude photos. After all, virgins are very decent girls. To evaluate the figure, you can ask her to take photos in a swimsuit or beautiful underwear. It is also possible to ask to record a model driving video.
  • Be sure to verify that the girl is 18 or 21 years old. For acquaintance, choose those countries where such deals and acquaintances are not prohibited.

To summarize:

Meet a girl who is strictly over 18 or 21 years old, depending on the law ofevery country. To verify the virginity of the girl, conduct several checks with the doctor, as well as use the polygraph test. Always pay for everything yourself – medical exams, plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc. Do not ask the girl to send vulgar photos. And most importantly: pay attention to inappropriate behavior during communication. You should like to chat with a girl