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Six real stories about girls who have sold their virginity

If you would like to sell the right of the first night at a high price, you should definitely read 6 real stories from those girls who have sold their innocence on the "FIRST-NIGHT.COM" site successfully.

  • After graduation, I decided to enter a prestigious university, but I did not have money. Then I created a profileon the «FIRST-NIGHT" site. I posted some photos and even recorded a short video where I talked about myself. I believe that I am an attractive girl. I talked with men and waited. Soon I found a suitable candidate. We met in a cafe to discuss the details of the deal. The deal was completed, everything went as agreed. I received the total amount.
  • I wanted to get acquainted with a man on the "FIRST NIGHT"site. I picked up successful photos, recorded a short video where showed her appearance and talked about herself. My appearance can not be called a model, so I tried to adequately evaluate myself and put $ 11,000. Different men wrote to me, and finally a buyer was found. We met live, talked about the details, I went to the clinic, which he recommended. We were satisfied. We are friends with these men and sometimes meet.
  • A friend told about the site where she met a wealthy man. I also decided to create a profile on the dating site "FIRST NIGHT." New photos were taken from different angles, a small video about myself was recorded and posted to the profile. I did not break the cosmic price and rated the "right of the first night" at $ 15,000. I received a certificate in a well-known clinic so that the future buyer was 100% sure of me. I have already added my new pictures. We met in a restaurant and personally discussed the details of a future deal. I went through it because I have nothing to hide. Sometimes we do our best to get the amount received.
  • I had a dream - to go on a trip around the world. I decided to register on the site "FIRST NIGHT" and began to fill out a profile. To let the men know how I look now, I added several videos and pictures from the new professional photo shoot. Made a text description and attached a certificate from a doctor. I am an attractive girl, so I set the price for my virginity at $ 25,000. I corresponded with them and waited for the buyer. When he appeared, we met in a cafe. A prerequisite for a man was a detector. I went through it, and the buyer ceased to doubt. We discussed the details of the transaction and completed it. By the way, on my first trip I went with my first, beloved man.
  • I wanted to sell my virginity and created a profile on the FIRST NIGHT website. I ordered a photo shoot from a professional photographer. I also wanted links to pictures and text descriptions in it. I do not consider myself TOP beauty, so my price is not overpriced - $ 19,000. I willingly talked with those who wrote to me and waited for that very person. And there was a buyer. In a personal meeting, we talked and figured out the details. Together with this man I visited his doctor. Soon they made a deal, no complaints. After that, the man agreed to buy an apartment for me.
  • I needed money to buy my dream car. I created a profile to sell my virginity on the FIRST NIGHT website. I composed a text in which I described myself and talked a little about my life. To show the seriousness of my intentions, I even received a certificate in the hospital from the doctor. I consider myself quite attractive and set such a price of $ 35,000. I supplemented new photos and videos, eagerly communicated with candidates. And so I found a buyer! We walked together, talked about a future deal and reviewed the details. I visited him as a doctor. Everything went perfectly, no complaints with various parties. A very interesting and decent man with whom we continued to meet.

We can draw the following conclusions from these stories:

Take your time. Evaluate yourself adequately. Make a professional photo shoot. Get a medical certification from a doctor. Chat with the men who write to you. If you follow these simple recommendations, you will succeed!